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We can help you with your paintball tickets!

If you have purchased paintball tickets from a marketing company in a shopping centre or online then you may be paying too much for your day of paintball.
Businesses such as IPG and Ministry of Paintball sell tickets that mostly do not include paintballs in the upfront purchase price.

What we can offer your business:

The reality is you may pay up to $45 per person just for the privellage of walking onto a paintball park.
It is much cheaper to go direct to the paintball park operator than through a 3rd party marketing company.

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Start Playing With Our

$60 Starter Pack

Includes Entry, Equipment, and 300 Paintballs

Tippman Semi
Auto Marker



Additional Package Options

Upgrade Your Package

Basic Training

Adds 400
Total 700 shots

Mercenary Pack

Adds 700
Total 1000 shots


Optional Extras

Extra Shots

  • 100 Shots
  • 200 Shots
  • 300 Shots
  • 500 Shots

To Purchase

  • Gloves
  • Groin Guard
  • Neck Protector
  • Sweat Band