Our Gaming Fields

Our movie set style Gaming Fields have been designed by experts and have been used in numerous Film and TV productions. There is great variety with each field designed for specific game play and unique challenges for you the player.

  • Hamburger Hill

    will test the best players as they strive to dominate in an uphill battle to capture two flags..

  • Maze

    massive concrete stones have been placed atop of each other to create a huge maze.

  • Speedball

    enjoy the fast paced thrill of tournament play as you work together to eliminate the opposing team.

  • Bunkers

    made from logs these bunkers provide great cover for both attackers and defenders.

  • The Barn

    enjoy the experience of playing indoors on an outdoors field. This is what close quarters combat is really about.

  • Graveyard

    fight amongst the living-dead as you hop from tombstone to grave to capture your objective.

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